Introducing the quirky, narrative action game, Thirsty Suitors

Prior to yesterday’s Awards, Annapurna Interactive and Outerloop Games (Falcon Age) revealed a new project they call Thirsty Suitors.

Described as being ‘a narrative action adventure game that grapples with themes of complex family dynamics, navigating difficult relationships and discovering one’s true self,’ Thirsty Suitors promises over-the-top action and cinematic content.

Thirsty Suitors will have players take the role of Jala, a young woman returning home for her sister’s wedding and confronting her past. With wildly varied gameplay, Jala will fight skate punks, random suitors and ultimately, her exes, in the ultimate battle to heal old hurts and ignite new truths, bringing Jala closer to understanding what she wants from her future.

Thirsty Suitors follows Jala as she returns home for her sister’s wedding and has to face everything she ran away from: her brutal breakup with her childhood best friend, her immigrant parents’ expectations, claustrophobic small-town gossip, the string of messily broken hearts she left behind and her interfering grandmother, who has begun to send suitors to her home in the hopes of finding a match. Players will help Jala to confront her mistakes, make up with her exes, reconcile cultural differences and become the person she was meant to be through wildly varied gameplay with everything from RPG turn-based combat to radical skateboarding sections and action-packed cooking challenges.

According to the release, the game will unfold through turn-based battles, skateboarding a cooking. Needless to say, it’s shaping up to be an eclectic experience.

“Annapurna Interactive is the perfect partner to deliver the Thirsty Suitors narrative – a story of complex family dynamics, navigating personal relationships and, ultimately, reconciliation,” said Chandana Ekanayake, co-founder of Outerloop Games and Thirsty Suitors Game Director. “Our mission at Outerloop Games is to create accessible games about underrepresented cultures, and Thirsty Suitors will give players a glimpse into our teams’ personal experiences growing up, which might be vastly different from what players have experienced themselves.”