Tom Holland confirms break from acting to begin after Apple TV+ project

Famed Spider-Man and Uncharted actor Tom Holland has confirmed that he will be taking a break from acting starting after working on The Crowded Room, a series bound for Apple TV+.

The British native spoke with CinePop and, when asked about returning to the Spidey role, admitted that after he wraps on the Apple TV+ show, he’ll be taking a break from acting.

When speaking with People this past December, Holland remarked, “I’ve spent the last six years being so focused on my career,” implying that a break was due.

And it’s not for nothing. The 25-year-old’s roles in the last six years have been some of the most physically demanding roles: six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus the upcoming Uncharted movie which he credits as being one of the most intense roles he’s ever done.

He has also worked on many shorts and done plenty of voice acting for various animated films.

It remains to be seen what is coming of the upcoming Fred Astaire biopic that Holland is supposed to be starring in, as that seems to have a production that will go beyond that of The Crowded Room.

There was no mention as to how long he is planning on being away from acting, though we can bet Disney will be chomping at the bit to have him back in the MCU as soon as a script can be devised for him.