As Dusk Falls is a branching narrative drama about secrets and family

On July 19th, Xbox users and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to check out As Dusk Falls.

A narrative drama with stylized visuals, As Dusk Falls is about family and secrets. Each family has them, but some are more severe and more dangerous than others.

From what we’ve gathered, the game takes place on one fateful day, which forever changed its characters’ fictional lives. Things begin with a family barely avoiding a severe car accident, but becoming stranded in a small desert town called Two Rock all the same. Then, we see that same family end up entangled in an ongoing robbery at a convenience store. It seems that there will be a lot of choices to make, and dialogue options to select, with each one having an impact on who lives, who dies and how everything plays out.

As Dusk Falls will be playable by up to 8 players.