Alone in the Dark is being remade and retold

One of gaming’s classic and most troubled horror properties is said to be returning, through a Resident Evil 2 style remake and retelling. We’re talking about Alone in the Dark, the 1992 classic which has kind of faded into the ether.

This information comes to us through a Twitter leak, which has shared box art of this remake or reboot or what have you. Said leak is from, and was shared by a Twitter user named Idle Sloth.

According to him, this new take on Alone in the Dark — which we sincerely hope will be a lot better than the poor Xbox 360/PS3 era reboot — is being developed by Pieces Interactive, and will be published by THQ Nordic.

Here’s what the supporting images have to say about this project:

  • It will have two playable characters: Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood
  • Will feature a Southern Gothic feel, mixed with pure psychological horror
  • Emily Hartwood’s uncle has disappeared, and you’re in charge of looking for him inside an insane asylum in 1920s Deep South America
  • Strange occupants, nightmarish kingdoms and dangerous monsters
  • Fight monsters, solve puzzles and do what it takes to survive
  • A memorable backdrop of ‘doom jazz’
  • Limited ammo within a nightmarish world where evil lurks in many corners
  • Takes place in a mansion turned asylum
  • A complex psychological horror story from the minds and pens of cult screenwriter Mikael Hedberg (Soma, Amnesia)
  • Coming to Xbox Series, PS5 and PC