You can now customize the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller in Design Lab

A month after they released a stripped down, white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, Microsoft has made it possible for folks to customize their own via Xbox Design Lab. It’s taken years for this to happen, and a number of people had been hoping and waiting for it to (“finally”) be made possible, but the good news is that it has.

Those with interest can customize nearly every external facet of the controller, starting with the colours of its body, bumpers, triggers, d-pad, etc. Hell, you can even pick the colours of the rings around the thumbsticks and their bases, which marks the first time that this option has been made available through Xbox Design Lab. Furthermore, it’s also possible to add a sixteen character message to the back of the controller, using the laser-etching method that has been available since this controller customizing website has existed.

After choosing the colours you want, you’ll then be able to select the components that will adorn your Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, which includes the types and sizes of the paddles and thumbsticks it will have. This may sound limiting, but it’s not. If you want all of the available components, you’ll have to shell out an additional $60 USD, on top of the $150 it costs to create the controller itself