Microsoft is raising the price of Game Pass & Xbox Series X consoles in some markets

In order to keep up with inflation —- at least that’s what one would assume —- Microsoft has decided to raise the prices of both Game Pass and Xbox Series X consoles.

Starting next month, Game Pass will cost $10.99 per month instead of $9.99. We’re talking American dollars, so you’ll maybe need to convert that to local currency. Game Pass Ultimate, meanwhile, will cost $2 more per month.

In related news, regions that aren’t the USA, Japan, Chile, Brazil and Colombia will also face Xbox Series X console price hikes. For instance, it’ll now cost $649.99 in Canada. It’ll cost £479.99 in the UK and $799.99 in Australia.

The Series X hike won’t go into effect until August 1st, so you have time to buy one if you can and want to.

Xbox Series S prices are expected to remain at $299.99 USD.