Bahnsen Knights is the next retro inspired adventure, following Varney Lake

We’ve already played through the very retro inspired campaigns of Mothmen 1966 and Varney Lake. Now, we’ve been told what the third game in this trilogy will be. That is, Bahnsen Knights.

“Bahnsen Knights brings a twisted cult into the Pixel Pulps universe. Help undercover agent Boulder investigate the Bahnsen Knights, a cult claiming the devil’s kingdom isn’t below in the ground — but above in the sky, as biblical storms rage. What happened to Cupra, the last agent investigating them? Why is Mothmen 1966 and Varney Lake’s paranormal investigator Lou Hill locked in a trunk?”

Like the previous games, this one is inspired by 20th Century pulp fiction. It’ll also grace both consoles and PC, and will do so on October 26th.