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Anything and everything to do with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. And hey, maybe even the next Nintendo console!


Back 4 Blood Review

Although it came out when I was a full fledged adult, some of the best gaming memories I ever made came from Left 4 Dead. As a big fan of both horror and first-person shooters, I counted down the days until Val...

NHL 22 Review

The puck has dropped on a new National Hockey League season, which sees the return of full capacity crowds made up of raucous fans. This is yet another step towards normalcy during this lengthening worldwide pa...

Far Cry 6 Review

From Micronesia and Africa, to the topical Rook Islands and the mountainous countryside of Montana, Ubisoft has taken us on quite a trip around a digital world with its Far Cry games. No setting has ever been t...

Deathloop Review

One of the most consistent developers in all of gaming, Arkane Studios is responsible for two great Dishonored games and one very solid reboot of Prey. Now, their newest studio -- Arkane Lyon -- has presented u...