I debated whether or not I should be posting news that you can find with any quick Google search, but I realized that maybe I’ll post the big stuff here anyways to make sure that you have a reason for coming back frequently enough. With that said, I’m not using this just as a way to keep the post count up, but rather to make sure you have something to read.  In any case, the PSP Go has been leaked!  And this one is obviously legit!  It appears to be from an unreleased episode of Qore for the month of June.

What I gather from the video:
– Slider design
– 16GB on-board memory
– Bluetooth to sync with cell phone, headsets, etc.
– Memory slot (although we’re unsure what kind…)
– Fall release; will not replace the PSP-3000 model 

The undisclosed memory slot is something I find quite interesting because Sony Ericsson has recently revealed the Aino, a cell phone with a micro-SD slot, indicating that Sony may be making a move away from their Memory Stick brand.  Let’s face it, Memory Stick is dead.

Update: Press photos have been leaked as well, thanks to EuroGamer!

Check the video below!


(story via Engadget)

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