DJ Hero Presents: Jay Z and Eminem

Last night, a private unannounced event took place with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, the music industry, and from abroad. Celebrities gathered to check out Activision’s private launch party, with headlining guests none other than JAY Z and EMINEM.

The night got started with DJ AM and Travis Barker dueling it out live on stage, and ended with an epic performance of the two rap moguls. It was an incredible show mixed with live presentations of Guitar Hero 5 and DJ Hero, some fantastic new games and certainly some interesting takes on the “Hero” franchise.

Of course, I managed to get my way in, sweet talking more than a few people (okay, I told them I was here for E3 and they hesitantly gave me a wristband which they weren’t actually supposed to give me). In any case, I got to meet some great people.  on the celebrity guest list was:

Kim Kardashian
Ashley Olsen
Travis Barker
Aisha Tyler
Matthew McConaughey
Pete Wentz
Nicki Hilton
Ali Larter
Amy Smart
and plenty more!

I’m about to head out to the Sony Press Conference and then hit the E3 show floor, so it’ll be a while before I can upload the celeb pics, but keep checking the Flickr account as I’ll try to update as often as possible.

UPDATE:  I got to it early, so check out the Flickr Set now!