Funny People

The latest Judd Apatow flick hasn’t even hit the silver screen, but that isn’t stopping the comedic juggernaut from doing some pretty intense (and ingenious) marketing for the movie.

Last night, doing some channel surfing in a futile attempt to fall asleep, I came across Adam Sandler on David Letterman. I watched until the show threw to a commercial, and continued flipping channels. A few over and I landed on Jimmy Kimmel hosting Seth Rogen on Kimmel Live. Not being a huge fan of Rogen, I continued on and found none other than Judd Apatow on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

This is a full on attack from all sides. No matter your late show preference, unless you’re a Conan diehard, you tuned in to someoneĀ from Funny People last night. On one hand, I would be pretty annoyed that I couldn’t get away from the group, but let’s be honest, they’re funny, down to earth guys, and each have their own unique wit about them. A different host for each also mixed it up a bit, as Jon Stewart has a much drier sense of humour than either Kimmel or Letterman. I ended up catching a bit of each, and thought all three were pretty decent interviews.

I actually learned that Funny People is a movie about death from comedians’ points of view. I was not even mildly interested in seeing the movie before the interviews, but apparently they did what they were supposed to do, because it is now on my list of to-watch movies.

Funny People hits theatres tonight.