Stereos Show Review


In case you haven’t turned on Much Music or heard Gene Simmons (yes, the Gene Simmons) mention this band somewhere, here’s a quick bio:

Stereos (hold the “The”) are Edmonton-native rockers that were featured on the show Disband, a program that puts indie bands in front of judges to decide whether they should stay together or, well, disband. Long story short, Stereos have not disbanded, but rather signed with Universal Records and Underground Operations, and they are due to release a record later in the year.

Stereos opened for Katy Perry at the Molson Amphitheatre on July 26th and, while I don’t usually post separate reviews for opening acts, I haven’t really highlighted Stereos on Eggplante just yet. I think their time has come.

This band knows how to entertain. They have a nauseatingly catchy sound and, as much as I think I am bored and over their music, they tend to be the first song I play when I fire up my iPod or get in the car. Their live show was incredible. I am not saying this as a fan or with any bias, but just as a person, I think anyone could really enjoy their show. I’ve seen them perform live three times, so if anything, I should be biased against them, but lo and behold, I still walk away impressed.

The quintet played 7 songs, including the uber-hit Summer Girl and a cover of the recent Black Eyed Peas single I’ve Gotta Feelin’ (The crowd seriously enjoyed that one). Their show was over entirely too soon, but rest assured that they’re returning to the Ontario stage August 9th for Wakestock in Collingwood!

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