Katy Perry Show Review


[Insert obligatory “she’s kissed a girl” introduction here.]

Now that the would’ve-been corny intro is out of the way, let’s get right down to it: Katy Perry is catchy and puts on a good show. But if you take away the catchy pop tunes and overly dramatized lyrics of her music, you’d probably be pretty bored.

Don’t get me wrong, Katy is hot and kept the crowd’s attention the entire show. But when you play a show in front of thousands of paying ticket-holders, I don’t imagine keeping attention is all too difficult. The show was entertaining, if not more for the pre-teens screaming lyrics as if they wrote them, and the multitude of flamingos and inflated plastic strawberries did give the show a sense of interaction that is seldom seen at large venues like the Molson Amphitheatre.

From all I could tell, she wasn’t lip-syncing, and her voice was incredibly tuned to the way it sounds on her studio album, so for greatest reason people attend concerts, the singing, Ms. Perry certainly delivered. At the end of the show, she dove into the crowd and (supposedly) kissed a female audience member. For this alone I could redeem the entire concert from any shortcomings I felt, but then again, I wasn’t on the receiving end of that kiss, so I can’t say it made a difference to me.

I did enjoy myself, and I would probably go again because I think Katy Perry is hot and has tons of talent. I just couldn’t help come away from the concert with a feeling of meh when all was said and done. Sorry, darling.