The Whynauts


I headed to a Battle of the Bands at Playdium Mississauga with the intention of finding some great bands and meeting some cool people. Unbeknownst to me, I showed up far too late to see most of the bands and didn’t really get a feeling that the crowds were into the show.¬†With that said, there was one group who blew me away and really impressed with their style, attitude, and talent: The Whynauts. So forget about the Battle of the Bands; this is all about them.

Lead by a British shade-wearing “Eddie Mars” (his moniker, obviously), the quartet knows how to keep a crowd’s attention with their antics and idiocy, on and off stage. And that’s a great thing. For a group in its infancy with any number of inspirations and distractions, they react with media pretty well and know how to handle a half-assed photoshoot (courtesy of me). And they’re all ’round comfortable screw-around have-a-good-time folks. Plus, having a hot drummer certainly doesn’t hurt. You’ll see what I mean when you check the pics below!

It is no wonder they ended up playing two shows in one night; The Whynauts are a group to look out for. Check out more photos below and make sure to hit up their MySpace profile for some music, bios, and the obligatory YouTube vlogs.