The smell of cheap marijuana was in the air, hamburgers and hot dogs were grossly overpriced, and crowd surfing was visible from nearly anywhere at the venue. No, it’s not Canada’s Wonderland; this is Warped Tour!

Bands gathered from around North America to participate in at least some of the many dozen cities on the tour roster this year. Some indie bands lined up alongside some of the industry’s heavyweights like Alexisonfire, LIGHTS, and Anti-Flag.

The show took place at Arrow Hall, although outside the retired airplane hangar, a departure (no pun intended) from previous years. The temperature nearly hit thirty and people were jumping, crowding, and sweaty. The parking lot-turned-venue became a mosh pit, pool for stage divers, a dumping ground for Mike & Ike wrappers, and, of course a place to smoke up with some friends.


But people came for the bands, and they did not disappoint. Starting out the show were some lesser known bands like Tat and The Maine, although they rocked it out as much as any seasoned vet did, albeit to a smaller crowd. Alexisonfire took the stage and the hangar (which was actually being used as a concessions area) virtually emptied. It was as if every Alexisonfire fan was in Toronto at that very moment. The crows was pumped, and rightfully so – the band put on an eight song set and rocked out the show for nearly a full hour.

LIGHTS later took the stage as a crowd also gathered for her performance. Another incredible performance, definitely check out our interview here! It took place next to a tractor called the Snorkel, I mean come on!

Check out some more pics from the show below!