My how you’ve grown!

Hi there everybody! So there has been a bit of an unexpected hiatus these last twenty days or so! Actually, Eggplante was victim to a hacker (or two or three) that didn’t do much damage other than wipe out the last bunch of posts we had on here. In any case, I’m working to get them back up for you to gander through if you haven’t seen them already, and to try to make up for the downtime, I’ll give you a peek into some soon-to-be-published content:

– Kinect vs. Move should tickle your tastebuds for the hottest new gaming technology coming out of Sony and Microsoft in just a couple of weeks (Move) or months (Kinect). I had the chance to play with both at E3 and have some pretty set opinions on both of them.

– Halo: Reach. Okay, did you really think this wasn’t coming? In fact, you could probably write the review yourself right now: Amazing music. Amazing storyline. Could’ve used more Master Chief. I’ll try to be as impartial as I can.

– MMVAs were technically up already and they got taken down, but I can’t give away all my content, now can I?

– FanFest will also be on the docket, although I’m not sure in what way yet. I’m thinking an interview with Scott Jones and perhaps….. the entire cast of Reviews on the Run and the Electric Playground? We’ll see, we’ll see.

Stay tuned, Eggplante is back and in a big way! You will start seeing some changes on the site here and there and hopefully you’ll like what you see. If not, you can always sound off by shooting me an email from the contact form (which was also something that got taken down last week, so if you sent one last week, be a dear and resend it, mmkay?)

And of course, you can follow us on Twitter, although there hasn’t been much posted there in a while, and I took down the dead links to all those ghost posts (damn hackers). In any case, we’ll be broadcasting from there and informing you of news on Facebook as well, so keep in touch somewhere!