Halo: Reach is almost upon us. We are close to launch, and close to destruction. But there are a few events that happen every time a massive game like Reach comes along, and they have to do with something we all call…. uh, marketing.

Last week, two events were held – one in Toronto, another in Vancouver – to showcase the creation that is Halo: Reach. Called “Control Point Defense”, the events welcome hundreds of Halo fans to fight a battle against the covenant, complete with training, uniforms, rifles and a sniper tower. Participants each received a t-shirt to commemorate the day, as well as a lanyard and the opportunity to play Firefight in teams. The legendary edition of the game was also on display in a massive display case for all to gaze at.

The events were a success, and the only way to show you is with some photos. I’ve been playing Reach for a couple of days now and, having just completed the single player campaign, well, actually, that’s all I’m saying right now. Stay tuned for Halo: Reach launch day September 14th for the full review, right here on Eggplante! In the meantime, go ahead and give us a follow on Twitter (@eggplante) and on Facebook (by clicking here). Ooh-rah!

Oh, and yes, the Halo: Reach review is coming tomorrow!

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