Awesome Nerd $#!T Guide!

So we might be known for writing about things like video games, movies, and concerts that are more obvious pastimes and purchases. But how do you extend those experiences into real tangible existence? Well, with our first ever Awesome $#!T Nerd Guide! Below are a few of our favourite items that you can buy to really live your favourite movie, video game, or whatever other medium produces your nerdgasm of choice. So here goes:

1) Tauntaun Sleeping Bag – $100 – Because let’s be honest, the actual cutting open a Tauntaun and sleeping in it would just be too much work.


2) The Big Bang Theory Stuff – $17-$62 – It’s a nerd’s show about being nerdy. Get with it.


3) Star Wars Cufflinks and Tie Clasps – $60 – May the force be with you (holding together your garments). Bonus: get 10% off with coupon code “E10” at the link below!



4) Pretty much anything from ThinkGeek.


5) Elemental Rings – $205-$6500 – If you’re a nerd and you don’t want these things, you’re not a nerd. They have pendants, too. PS – it just might get your girlfriend into the whole nerdism thing. It is jewelry, after all.

So there you have it – our first, albeit short, guide to some pretty awesome nerdy things you can use to nerd up your life a bit more than it probably needs to be. But either way, enjoy!