You may know her from her incredible online video game-themed music videos on YouTube. You may know her from America’s Got Talent as the Hip-Hop Violinist. You may not know her at all.

Either way, her name is Lindsey Stirling, and she’s incredibly talented.

On her YouTube channel, lindseystomp, she posts videos of her playing violin covers of various video games, including Skyrim and Zelda, in addition to a Lord of the Rings musical cover.

The best part about Lindsey’s music next to the actual music is the quality of the videos, and the attention to detail she has. In her Zelda Medley video, for example, you can see Lindsey wandering through a dangerous cavern, playing her violin in a wide open (Hyrule) field, and next to a (Zora’s) river. Of course, she’s dressed to the nines in her favourite blue tunic, as you might expect.

Lindsey will be on stage alongside the other Zelda musical maven, Laura Intravia, at this year’s E3 presentation of Video Games Live in Los Angeles on June 6th. Of course, we’ll be there to bring you highlights from the show, as well as an interview with Tommy Tallarico, the creator and composer behind the big show!

In the meantime, please head over to Lindsey’s YouTube channel to check out all her videos and request songs that you want to hear!

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