E3 Expo to stay in Los Angeles through 2015

Following earlier speculation that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) may not stay in Los Angeles in upcoming years, the Electronic Software Association (ESA), has confirmed that the show will in fact remain in Los Angeles for at least the next three years.

Since the city of Los Angeles is knocking down a large portion of the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) to put up a new building, the ESA was unsure of how it could make such a large show work, and the city was unsure of how a 45,000-plus attendee show would affect construction and traffic in the surrounding area.

Fortunately, they’ve managed to agree to a three-year contract that keeps E3 in Los Angeles, although we’re not sure how it will be organized. The ESA notes that the show will take place “at the Los Angeles Convention Center, L.A. LIVE and a plethora of venues throughout downtown Los Angeles and the City.” This could mean that the Convention Center will be joined by other venues, or the ESA may be including Press Conference venues in its statement.

How the show will be organized is still up in the air, and we’re very interested in seeing how everything will be laid out. We’re worried that there will be a lot more travel involved than there usually is which will seriously cut into interview and game demo time. It’ll also make it a lot more difficult to set up meetings and booth tours, but we’re sure we’ll find a way!

E3 2013 runs from June 11 through June 13th, 2013, and you can bet that we’ll be there!