Want to write for Eggplante!?

Well, do you?

We’ve got a talented team working on articles day and night for you, but as we grow, we’re looking for more writers. Two, to be exact. So, if you’re a reader of Eggplante and have often thought “man, I could do so much better than these bozos,” now’s your chance!

At this time, we’re looking for someone very much interested in music and movies (or one of those two), and someone else interested in gaming. We’d love to see some samples of your work (send them to [email protected]) or a few posts written in your own style that you think might fit into Eggplante!

Remember, we’re flexible, open minded, and love hearing new ideas. If you have a new perspective on our site or just blogging and writing in general, drop us a line!

You can find all the appropriate information on our About page as well. This position will be open until it’s filled (logic dictates that part) and we’re looking for people to start immediately!

Best of luck!