Why we love being nerds

It’s no secret that we at Eggplante are, well, nerds. We love gaming, technology, and anything with megahertz or gigabytes. We have allegiances to certain platforms and live and did by certain games. But why do we love it so much?

First off, being a nerd has taken on a different connotation over the past few years. With e introduction of shows like The Big Bang Theory, geek has become chic. And yet we have loved being nerds since long before it was ‘cool’ to be so.

See, we’ve always thought of the word ‘nerd’ to be a term of endearment. Because while most people assume that nerd relegates you to the Halo-playing variety of nerdism, we actually think it means you’re extremely passionate about whatever it is your nerdy for. There are movie-nerds, game-nerds, and even food-nerds. But people who have a trained palate for exotic dishes are not exactly considered losers in the same way some of the general public feels about more traditional gaming-centric nerds.

We love being nerds because other people are nerds. It’s the reason we line up at two in the morning for a console launch we could probably wait until six or seven AM for, or even more, until 11 in the morning when we’ve had enough sleep.

These reasons are all very obvious to any techie, but may not be so obvious to others. It might be worthwhile noting that this article is probably pointless given that Eggplante is almost entirely decicated to stories that techies and nerds would be interested in, but if one person who doesn’t consider themself a nerd reads it, then writing it was worth it.

The reason itself is that we get to interact with our fellow gamers and techies, arguing and comparing, learning and judging, while we wait in these lines or spend time in these virtual lines on the Internet. Whether it means arguing our point of view on a forum or standing in cold Toronto November weather to pick up Assassin’s Creed III, we’re gamers because we can be.

We interact with people to be able to share our stories and hear theirs. We learn, live, and breathe through gaming and technology (or food, or cars, or whatever your nerd fetish is for).

Why do we do what we do? Because we can.