Incredible Halo: Reach Kat armour build

The Halo community is one of the most inventive, creative groups of people on the planet. There are dozens of online forums dedicated to the franchise, but one that focuses specifically on creating armour from the legendary series. That site is called 405th, referring to the 405th marine unit first mentioned in Halo 2.

We’ve seen quite a few incredible armour crafts in our day, but nothing comes close to LilTyrant’s build of Kat’s armour from Halo: Reach. The entire forum thread on 405th actually details every step in the creation process, including measuring the pieces to fit their creator, sewing a Spartan under suit, moulding and crafting the main armour pieces, painting and distressing, and putting it all together.

The final product is one to behold, and the entire project took about ten months from start to finish. There are currently 72 pages of messages in the thread, most of which are praise for the incredible work that LilTyrant has done.

A closeup with incredible detail.

Builds like this not only help us envision a future with actual Spartans (but hopefully not Covenant), but help others learn and understand just what it takes to put these kinds of builds together. They can be a painstaking (not to mention expensive) hobby to undertake, but to create a suit of armour that is not only uniquely yours but is built just for you can be extremely rewarding as well. Of course, support from a community such as the 405th is nothing to scoff at, either.

It is also one thing to build an entire suit and another entirely to document it all for the benefit of others. It is also a memory that LilTyrant can look back on and enjoy and a great way for her to preserve the experience she had when putting everything together. It really is incredible to see how the small yet detail-oriented steps in the beginning made the final product a stunning piece.

There are a lot of written details and even more pictures to behold from beginning to end, and while it would take a long time to read through everything, if you’re interested in Halo armour, it is definitely worth the read.

It is things like this that make us gamers so unique. We love what we do, and we love it unequivocally.