PlayStation 2013 Event set for February 20th in NYC (Update: WSJ says PS4 incoming)

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Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next PlayStation is in fact going to be announced at this event, despite Kaz Hirai saying that Microsoft’s console would likely be ready first. The publication is also saying that the console will indeed be available for sale this year, and we expect to see more at E3 2013 if it does indeed get announced in a few weeks.

Original post below.

Our inboxes are on fire right now with a big piece of news that has thrown us for a huge loop. Sony is planning an event called “PlayStation 2013” for February 20th.

A completely cryptic video has been posted to which reminds us very much of the introduction videos that Sony tends to use to open their Press Conferences at E3. The video is really just a bunch of fancy PlayStation buttons (triangle, circle, cross, and square) with some nice light effects and cool three-dimensional animations, but it ends on a date of February 20th.

PlayStation’s social media is abuzz with “see the future” everywhere we look. And it doesn’t look like a North American exclusive event, either, as Sony’s UK and Japan sites have the same dates and information posted. With a lofty tagline like “see the future,” it’s very difficult to imagine that this will be anything but huge.

Most people are speculating that this will be the unveiling of the PlayStation 4, and it would be a cruel joke for it not to be at this point, but we’re just not sure what this really will be. Sony was quoted saying they would let Microsoft make the first move in the next-generation console space, although some companies aren’t exactly known for telling the whole truth all the time.

IGN is reporting that the event will take place in New York City and that Sony’s comment is that the “PlayStation meeting will be about the future of the PlayStation business.” If this was a business meeting – something more about stocks or restructuring – Sony would not be making this a huge public affair and blow it up all over their social media sites. Sony is trying to play it down a bit, but we think a PlayStation 4 is coming, and it’ll be here sooner than we realized.

February 20th is less than three weeks away, and we can’t wait to see the future. Take a look at Sony’s teaser below.