Here’s the Iron Man 3 Extended Look… Literally

lookSo, this is Robert Downey Jr. giving us a seriously extensive extended long overly drawn-out look (much like this sentence). Literally.

Then the trailer ensues, which shows an incredible disaster as Air Force one explodes and over a dozen people fall (presumably) to their deaths. Iron Man can save some, but not all. Is this the opening sequence, a mid-movie thrill, or the grand finale?

We can’t tell at this point what’s really going on in the film, though rumour has it that some basic plot points have leaked online. We won’t spoil them here because we haven’t read them (remember, we’re just as much a fan as you are!) and we encourage you to wait the few months it’ll take for the movie to come to a cinema near you.

Iron Man 3 opens April 24, 2013.