Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII, EA was right

baltimore_ravens_wallpaper-29851It turns out that EA Sports’ prediction engine powered by Madden NFL 13 is pretty good. In one of the most impressive showings of the technology to date (or one of the biggest flukes), the game developer and publisher has managed to correctly predict that the Baltimore Ravens would take home the Lombardi Trophy as the victors in today’s Super Bowl game.

As we reported just a few days ago, EA Sports said the Ravens would take the game from the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 27-24. While the final score was actually 34-31, the difference in the scores was accurately predicted and this gives EA another correct notch in its belt for getting the winner right.

EA’s record is getting stronger, with only two incorrect simulations out of the last decade of games. Last year’s game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots actually netted the same score prediction from EA (27-24 in favour of New York), and while the game did go to the correctly predicted team, the score was much lower than expected.

This is all old news now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, but it’s worth noting that you can vote on the cover of the next instalment in the franchise, and the first big name change for the series in a long while. Madden NFL 25 launches August 17, 2013 and you can check out the details for the cover vote right here.

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