Assassin’s Creed III DLC available beginning Feb. 19

ac3_news_dlc_350x468tcm1966374We already knew about The Tyranny of King Washington, but Ubisoft has now provided the dates for each piece of their DLC puzzle.

The first episode, The Infamy, will be available on Xbox 360 and Windows PCs on February 19th, with the PlayStation 3 version rounding out on February 20th. The second, The Betrayal will hop onto Microsoft’s platforms on March 19th, with PlayStation 3 owners again seeing a one day delay. The third, The Redemption, will be available on April 23rd and 24th, in the same order as the others as you might imagine.

We’re not sure why PlayStation is being delayed by a single day. Perhaps Microsoft and Ubisoft struck a deal to have DLC released first on the Redmond-born system, though with only a single day release, such a thing would be pure bark and very little bite.

All three episodes are part of a single DLC pack, and will run you a penny under $10 for the set. You can also grab the Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass for about $30 or 2400 Microsoft Points. The Season Pass will turn out to provide more value than if you purchase every DLC pack separately; so far, players have been able to grab The Hidden Secrets and The Battle Hardened Packs for $5 and $10 apiece, respectively. With future DLC and the fact that Season Pass owners get access to content a week earlier than everyone else, the value is certainly there.

The DLC is also going to be available for Wii U via the Nintendo eShop, though no timelines have been released for it as yet. We don’t expect to see a massive delay, but there will be one. The Hidden Secrets pack saw about a five week difference between main release and availability on the Wii U, so we expect to see the first of King Washington by mid-March.

There’s no word at this point of any new levels will be made available for Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for the PlayStation Vita.