The Last of Us campaign to last 12-16 hours

TLOUBoxArtProbably the most anticipated game for the PlayStation 3 this year is The Last of Us. With other massive titles like God of War: Ascension (our review will be up soon!) and Beyond: Two Souls, Sony isn’t exactly starving for content. But The Last of Us is in a league all its own.

Fortunately, the single player campaign of the game has been given a length, and it reportedly clocks in at an impressive 12-16 hours, depending on your style of play.

Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer spoke to EvolveEnt and said that gamers can look forward to “more than 12 hours [of campaign gameplay]; maybe 12 to 16 right now is what we’re looking at.” He added, “it really depends on how you play … you can play a bit slower if you try to approach situations stealthily. If you want to explore the environment and scavenge, that’s going to add more time, too.”

It sounds like The Last of Us has shaped up to be a lengthy game, and the delay we reported a few weeks ago may have been justified if the team is polishing such a lengthy experience. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, developed by the same studio, was not remarkably long, so it’ll be a nice change of pace to get such a complete adventure from Joel and Ellie.

The game is easily one of our most anticipated of the year, and it looks like a sure-fire hit and a great way to end off the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, so we’ll keep you posted on all the latest!