Rockstar releases three new GTA V trailers

gtavlogoRockstar is a relatively secretive company, but today, they’ve gone ahead and broken some silence on Grand Theft Auto V in the form of three new trailers, each highlighting a character in the game.

It’s interesting to see the three-tiered approach they seem to be taking as each character has a very different personality and lifestyle. Micheal is your typical loaded-douchebag who craves chaos and adventure in Vinewood. Franklin is a gang-banging punk who lies, cheats, and steals (and kills) his way through the thug life. And finally, Trevor is a hillbilly maniac living on the outskirts of Los Santos and rocking a baseball bat and tractor as his weapons of choice.

Take a look at all three trailers in a single video below, and let us know what you think of the three protagonists. Who do you like and hate most? Sound off below and on Twitter and Facebook!