Sony Halloween Sales (heavily) discount games, movies, TV

PlayStation Network LogoPlayStation gamers have already been enjoying the return of Sony’s Fall PlayStation Store promotion throughout the month, awarding them a digital $10 rebate for every $50 they spend on anything in the PlayStation Store. Just in time for Halloween however, Sony is taking the savings of their catalogue even further, discounting not just various PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games, but also movies and television shows sold on the Sony channels, leading through the beginning of November.

These two sales are divided into two categories for the two remaining weeks of October; Zombie Week, running through today, October 22nd to October 29th, and Horror Week, which runs through October 29th to November 4th.

Starting with the games, as before, we will list the regular price of a game, followed by its sale price for regular PlayStation Network members, and then its further discounted price for PlayStation Plus members. Remember that purchasing a year’s worth of PlayStation Plus will automatically entitle you to $10 back for your digital Sony wallet, if you do it before October 29th when the rebate promotion ends.

Also, be advised that the ultra-violent and ultra-satisfying PlayStation ports of indie hit, Hotline Miami, which we thoroughly loved, will be free to PlayStation Plus members starting today, October 22nd, in case you don’t need a horror theme with your blood and guts.

We will list the aggregate review scores of the appropriate PlayStation edition of each discounted game according to, and will place our personal stamp of recommendation over particular favourites that you should definitely consider, if you don’t already own them.

The sale selection for Zombie Week is as follows:

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$5.00) (71.78%)

Dead Island: Riptide [PS3] ($49.99/$24.99/$19.99) (61.44%)

Dead Nation [PSN] ($14.99/$5.99/$3.00) (78.22%)

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$6.99) (69.82%)

Plants vs. Zombies [PSN] ($7.49/$4.99/$3.75) (84.57%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Plants vs. Zombies Vita [PSN] ($10.49/$7.49/$5.25) (81.00%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare Collection [PS3] ($39.99/$19.99/$13.99) (94.66%, 88.45%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$5.00) (88.45%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Resident Evil 4 HD [PS3] ($19.99/$7.99/$5.59) (85.18%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition [PS3] ($29.99/$14.99/$10.49) (84.86%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$6.99) (63.38%)

Resident Evil: Revelations [PS3] ($49.99/$29.99/$22.99) (72.86%)

Sleeping Dogs/Nightmare in Northpoint [PS3] ($19.49/$12.49/$11.24) (83.66%, 60.00%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The House of the Dead Bundle [PS3] ($29.99/$14.99/$7.50) (63.63%, 73.42%)

The Last Guy [PSN] ($9.99/$3.99/$2.00) (78.64%)

The Last of Us [PS3] ($59.99/$44.99/$35.99) (95.04%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Walking Dead: The Game – 400 Days [PSN] ($4.99/$3.49/$2.44) (78.20%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Walking Dead: The Game Episodes 2, 3, 4, 5 [PSN] ($4.99/$2.49/$1.25) (85.90%, 86.11%, 78.94%, 87.75%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Walking Dead: The Game – Season Pass [PSN] ($14.99/$4.99/$2.99) (92.50%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct [PS3] ($49.99/$37.49/$33.74) (33.33%)

The Walking Dead: The Game – The Complete First Season [Vita] ($19.99/$13.99/$9.79) (80.00%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone [PSN] ($9.99/$6.99/$4.89) (67.00%)

The game sales for Horror Week are as follows:

BioShock [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$5.00) (93.57%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

BioShock 2 [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$5.00) (87.05%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

BloodRayne: Betrayal [PSN] ($9.99/$4.99/$2.50) (67.38%)

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair [PSN] ($14.99/$10.49/$8.39) (66.88%)

Costume Quest [PSN] ($14.99/$7.49/$3.75) (77.78%)

Darkstalkers Resurrection [PSN] ($14.99/$7.49/$5.24) (81.22%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Dead Space [PS3] ($14.99/$7.49/$5.99) (89.05%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Dead Space 2 [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$7.99) (89.22%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Dead Space 3 [PS3] ($39.99/$27.99/$19.59) (75.76%)

DMC: Devil May Cry [PS3] ($39.99/$19.99/$13.99) (85.75%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Doom 3: BFG Edition [PS3] ($19.99/$9.99/$7.99) (68.00%)

Fatal Frame [PS2 Classics] ($9.99/$3.99/$2.00) (81.48%)

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly [PS2 Classics] ($9.99/$3.99/$2.00) (82.41%) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

I Am Alive [PSN] ($14.99/$5.99/$3.00) (71.58%)

inFamous: Festival of Blood [PSN] ($9.99/$4.99/$3.99) (79.71%)

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut [PSN] ($12.99/$9.99/$8.99) (83.00%)

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut Vita [PSN] ($12.99/$9.99/$8.99) (81.78%)

Metro: Last Light [PS3] ($59.99/$39.99/$29.99) (79.14%)

Puppeteer [PS3] ($39.99/$27.99/$19.59) (82.22%)

Siren: Blood Curse – Episodes 1-12 [PSN] ($39.99/$19.99/$10.00) (77.34%)

The Darkness II [PS3] ($39.99/$19.99/$15.99) (77.35%)

We have to say that while some of these games are obviously better than others, some of these discounts are quite exceptional, especially for PlayStation Plus members! The discounted price of certain Game of the Year contender, The Last of Us is excellent incentive to check out one of this year’s best PS3 games if you haven’t already! Likewise, other superb 2013 games like DMC: Devil May Cry and Darkstalkers Resurrection have never been cheaper, and it’s a great time to invest in either if you’ve been waiting for a price drop!

If you’ve missed out on some must-play horror games like The Walking Dead: The Game, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, BioShock and BioShock 2, and/or the hysterical, adorable fun of Plants vs. Zombies, we highly suggest that PS3 gamers delay no longer on any of these titles during the sale! This is especially true of the Red Dead Redemption and Sleeping Dogs bundles, which pack in two of the best open-world sanbox games of this entire hardware generation, for dirt cheap!

If you’re more in the mood for curling up with a movie, Zombie Week will be discounting the following movies on the PlayStation Store and other Sony channels, once again listed with their regular price and sales price. Sorry, as usual, PlayStation Plus discounts only apply to games.

Army of Darkness ($9.99/$7.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Final Destination 5 ($9.99/$7.99)

I Am Legend ($9.99/$7.99)

Jennifer’s Body ($9.99/$8.99)

Paranormal Activity 4 ($12.99/$6.99)

Saw ($9.99/$6.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Shutter Island ($9.99/$6.99)

Sinister ($14.99/$12.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Cabin in the Woods ($14.99/$7.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Hills Have Eyes (Unrated) ($9.99/$8.99)

Likewise, Horror Week will see discounts on these movies:

A Nightmare on Elm Street ($12.99/$7.99)

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies ($12.99/$7.99)

Priest ($9.99/$7.99)

Resident Evil: Afterlife ($9.99/$7.99)

Splice ($12.99/$7.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Last Exorcism ($9.99/$6.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The Last House on the Left ($9.99/$6.99)

The Shining ($9.99/$7.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

Zombieland ($9.99/$7.99) *EGGPLANTE RECOMMENDS*

The movie selection isn’t quite as strong as the game selection, especially since some of it appears mixed-and-matched. Why are Zombieland and Resident Evil: Afterlife in Horror Week and not Zombie Week? Why are movies like Sinister, Saw and Paranormal Activity 4 in Zombie Week and not Horror Week? It doesn’t really make sense, and one has to wonder why the movies weren’t just easily re-arranged to stick with their respective sale themes.

Zombieland - PosterStill, there are some solid Halloween movies here. Sinister, Saw, The Shining and Splice are required viewing for horror movie fans. Likewise, those who want a Halloween movie more corny and amusing to watch with their friends (or an easily-frightened date!) should definitely check out Army of Darkness, Zombieland and/or The Cabin in the Woods!

The television shows virtually all see the same sales, having episodes discounted by fifty cents on one of the two weeks. Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Being Human (the U.S. version), and Grimm will have episodes discounted by a dollar however on Zombie Week, while Aaah! Real Monsters and Soul Eater will see episodes reduced by a whole dollar on Horror Week.

Beyond that, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, the original version of Being Human, Dexter, Hannibal and The Walking Dead will have episodes discounted on Zombie Week. Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and The Twilight Zone will have episodes discounted on Horror Week. We must say that the discounted TV selection is considerably better than most of the discounted movie selection as well!

If you want our opinion, horror fans with a taste for television definitely can’t miss Bates Motel and Hannibal, two superb, underrated shows from this latest TV season, and both inspired by iconic horror movie characters to boot! True Blood, Dexter and The Walking Dead are also superb shows for a variety of reasons, and if you enjoy horror media, yet haven’t sampled any of these, perhaps this sale is the best time to give them a look.

Regardless of your choices, Eggplante will continue to deliver you news on high-profile Sony sales, as they’re announced!