Gaming mega-site Kotaku claims to have obtained some leaked casting documents from Bethesda Softworks, reportedly confirming Fallout 4 exists and is currently in development.

Kotaku writer Jason Schreier claims that the documents, while devoid of the use of the actual name Fallout, have been confirmed real and refer to the game in question. These documents contain items such as character details, scripts, and other descriptions about the next game in the series. The casting director for this project – codenamed Institute – has worked on other Bethesda properties such as Dishonored and Skyrim.

The game is reportedly set in Boston, Massachusetts and features some of the same opening dialog as Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3. Of course, at this point, anything could change. Check out the documents below, and head on over to Kotaku for some more details about the history of the Fallout 4 leak.

If we’re going to hear any more about this, we’d say it’s safe to expect an announcement in March or April, followed by a more in-depth look at the game at E3 2014. Stay tuned!




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