Arkham Knight is a new character, super-villain

Rocksteady has already announced the latest (and final) game in theirĀ Arkham series with Batman: Arkham Knight, due out later this year.

We can’t say we know all that much about the game, except for a couple of villains, the size of the game overall, and some cool new driving mechanics. However, Rocksteady has announced that the namesake of the game doesn’t refer to Batman himself, but rather, a new super-armoured villain unto him (or her) self.

Likely to be the main baddie in the game, or at least the one running the show, there’s no way to know if he’s Joker coming back from the dead or any number of a million other characters. In fact, there are a bunch of theories floating around, including one where the Arkham Knight really is Bruce Wayne running around all crazy at the same time as trying to save Gotham. Bi-polar Batman? We’re not too sure about that one.

We’ll have to wait until this holiday season to find out who is actually hiding beneath the mask of the Arkham Knight. Before then, however, we’ll have a preview of the game where Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are likely to show it off. You know, at E3 2014.