Microsoft has unveiled today that, starting June 9th, Xbox One will be available without a Kinect sensor for just $399 in all its existing markets.

This is a move many speculated on but Microsoft adamantly denied, though the market has said it wants a Kinect-less Xbox One. Microsoft, in a video announcing the change, has listened to its consumers, and is willing to budge.

What might be most interesting is that, given Sony’s increase of the PlayStation 4’s price in Canada to $449, the Xbox One will actually be the less expensive console, assuming Sony doesn’t change the price again before June 9th.

The new price goes into effect the same day Microsoft and Sony hold their press conferences at E3 2014, which signals that the Redmond-based company might also announce a new bundle for $499 as well.

The Kinect sensor will be available as a standalone product this Fall, though Microsoft has not announced pricing for it.

We’ll keep updating you on all the latest hand-waving, body-moving details from Xbox as it comes to us!

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