Did everything from E3 2014 get leaked?

Probably not. We’re calling hoax on this, as it is all a bit too good to be true.

A document that E3 staff would have about what is being released by each company at their own privately-held, non-show floor events? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Regardless, there are some interesting details to note here that, if true, would be surprising.

The document (see it in full below), purports that Sony will begin their conference with Destiny and Driveclub, two titles that they had at their conference last year, before going into God of War 4, some indie game trailers, and a CGI trailer of Uncharted 4. They’ll then, apparently, wrap with Watch Dogs, a game that, by the time E3 rolls around, will have been out for three weeks.

Microsoft is said to be touting sequels galore, beginning with Beyond Good & Evil 2, moving into Forza Horizon 2Gears of War 4Fable LegendsHalo 5, and finally wrapping with DLC for Titanfall. Fine, the list says there will be some Star Wars: Battlefront III, Quantum Break, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare thrown in for good measure. Don’t count on it.

Nintendo, the least surprising of the bunch on this (fake) list, is supposedly showing off nothing new except for a new Zelda game on Wii U, titled Shard of Nightmare, along with some Xenoblade stuff.

So, why are we so skeptical?

First, there’s no reason for E3 officials to have insight into anything that Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo are planning to unveil, especially because the these events will take place far from the convention centre, and therefore, won’t require much support from E3 itself.

We also find it a bit hard to believe that the only things the three largest companies in gaming are going to show off are a mash of already-released titles alongside footage of downloadable content, with some new hotness sprinkled in for good measure. If that happens, count us out of E3 this year.

Oh, and Sony with no Project Morpheus? Microsoft with no Halo 2 Anniversary Edition? Nintendo with no 3DS content? Please.

Our advice? Wait for the conferences. Enjoy E3 when the time comes. Ignore the rumours. Be ignorant until you hear it from the horse’s mouth. Or, you know, spoil it for yourself. Whatever.