Miyamoto: We have unannounced ideas for Zelda on 3DS

Loose lips may sink ships, but in the case of Nintendo executive and Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, they’re still going to make gamers very happy.

Speaking at a Q&A for investors, the topic of another highly beloved brand that Miyamoto created, The Legend of Zelda, came up in conversation. Miyamoto re-affirmed his commitment to, “Evolving the series” at Nintendo, then claimed that the Big N was about halfway there on the 3DS platform. Obviously, this push to evolve The Legend of Zelda is continuing on Wii U as well, with gamers getting our first look at the series’ new mainline Wii U entry for the first time at this year’s E3, which again promised, “Evolution” for the franchise.

“We are gradually changing the structure of the Legend of Zelda series, and we are preparing to newly evolve the series for Wii U” Miyamoto stated during the meeting. It’s the next part however that should have gamers smiling, as Miyamoto followed this up by saying, “In addition to that, we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.”Zelda- A Link Between Worlds - Promo Art

It’s no doubt a no-brainer that Nintendo would be continuing to experiment with the franchise on the 3DS platform, but this seems to be indirect, albeit obvious confirmation that Nintendo is cooking up another Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS. While fans may be hopeful that this is the oft-requested 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask that’s rumoured to be in development, frankly, that’s very doubtful. Miyamoto clearly spoke in the context of pushing the franchise forward, and that wouldn’t be possible by repackaging a game that’s already over a decade old.

Excluding Virtual Console offerings for the NES and Game Boy Color libraries, the 3DS is currently host to two Legend of Zelda games. Those include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, a full 3D-capable remake of the celebrated Nintendo 64 classic of the same name, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, an all-new direct follow-up to Super NES gem, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Given the vastly different design styles of these two games, it’s anyone’s guess as to what this theoretical new Legend of Zelda game could end up being.

Zelda- Ocarina of Time 3D - GameplayRegardless, the series has two confirmed upcoming offerings on Wii U at this point. Along with the currently-untitled mainline follow-up that was unveiled at this year’s E3, the series is also seeing an action-based spin-off, Hyrule Warriors this September, a collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei that brings Legend of Zelda characters into a new Warriors game made exclusively for Wii U.

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