Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition has failed internal testing, is delayed

Despite developer, 4JStudios announcing that Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition is the first of the three upcoming new versions of Mojang’s ultra-popular sandbox creation game to be completed, they appear to have hit an unexpected speed bump. Apparently, Sony isn’t satisfied with their work.

Minecraft - Promo ArtFollowing an internal testing and approval period by Sony to assess the quality of Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, which was planned alongside Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to launch this very month, Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition has been rejected for release, likely due to bugs and other such issues. As a result, the game has been indefinitely delayed while 4JStudios has to try and clean it up enough for re-submission.

Considering the fact that garbage like Basement Crawl has managed to be approved by Sony and dumped onto the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation Store even in its first year, it really makes you wonder exactly what kind of state Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition was in to fail internal testing. It seems that it ultimately wasn’t any more complete than its in-development PlayStation Vita and Xbox One cousins.

This is no doubt frustrating for Minecraft fans that are eager to take their Minecraft experience to the next hardware generation, or on the go via a dedicated gaming device. Sadly, 4JStudios has also confirmed that Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition aren’t quite done at this point, with both still lingering in the final bug testing phase.

Bottom line, it doesn’t look like any of the planned new versions of Minecraft will be releasing on schedule this month, with all of them now appearing to be indefinitely delayed. Minecraft - Gameplay4JStudios has left the situation by simply stating that they will give people news as soon as they have it.

The previous version of Minecraft that successfully saw release was Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, which launched this past December, and was well received by both critics and fans. The game was previously made available on Xbox 360, as well as computers and mobile devices, with all of these versions also garnering loads of acclaim and sales, just like the PlayStation 3 build.

At least, gamers still have plenty of options for their Minecraft fix, and they’d best settle in. At this point, it’s unknown when these especially ambitious new versions of Minecraft will finally arrive.

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