If you really want to catch ’em all, you have to buy both games. That has always been the case with Pokémon, and it looks like Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be no different. Best Buy and Amazon are aiming to make the process a bit easier, however.

When the games launch in North America on November 21st, Best Buy and Amazon will sell a bundle of both games in a single SKU. The retail price will be $79.98, or precisely double each game’s $39.99 suggested retail price, though it will come with 200 bonus potions to keep your Pokémon nice and healthy throughout their journey in Hoenn.

The box looks to actually combine two standard issue games, albeit with some download codes for 100 potions each included.

The potions are a half-decent pack-in bonus, especially since there is no actual price difference in buying both games separately. However, the player who picks up both Pokémon games on launch day is probably one who doesn’t need any help with the game, and would simultaneously feel like they were taking the easy way out by playing the game with so much help from the get go.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire launch exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on November 21st in North America.

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