Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, to launch December 9

Bungie’s first crack at expanding Destiny‘s massive world begins just a few months after the initial game’s launch, as the company announced The Dark Below will go live on December 9th.

The expansion will allow players to traverse the surface of the moon to compete in new missions and story quests that reveal The Hive’s plans to summon the god Crota. The new content will also raise the game’s level cap to 32 and add five bounty slots, new weapons, and three new multiplayer arenas: The Cauldron, Pantheon, and Skyshock. There will also be a new six-player raid mission Crota’s End and a co-op mission called The Will of Crota.

That’s a lot of Crota.

On the PlayStation platforms, The Dark Below will also include an additional strike mission called The Undying Mind which will be exclusive on Sony’s platform until “at least fall 2015.”

The Dark Below can be yours for $20, or as part of the $35 Destiny Season Pass which will also include the House of Wolves expansion when it launches next year.