Sony confirms The Last Guardian still in development

1566287-952634_20100915_016We’ve heard it before, and maybe we’re suckers, but we just want to keep believing it.

Sony has confirmed to GameSpot “that the Last Guardian is still in development” even though we’ve seen nothing about the game in almost six years.

In development since 2007, the game has gone from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, based solely on the fact that games for the PS3 are no longer being produced, despite development on the game starting just a year after the PS3 launched.

This news all comes to light as the trademark for the game’s title lapsed earlier today, only to be scooped up again by Sony with a petition to revive it.

Last year, we got word that the game was still under development and director Fumito Ueda assured fans that it was moving forward under “completely new conditions”, whatever that means.

Is this all an effort by Sony to drum up some interest in The Last Guardian before E3 in a few months? Perhaps. And we’re totally okay with it.

We’ll let you know when we see (or don’t see) The Last Guardian at Sony’s Press Conference at E3 2015.