Spielberg interested in directing next Indiana Jones film

With the rumour of Chris Pratt being favoured to star in the next Indiana Jones film–is it fair to say ‘next’ if it’s actually a reboot of the franchise?–it’s fair to say that the rumour mill for the next Indy has officially begun.

Of course, without a script, producer, or director on the books yet, we’re not sure any of this has any merit. Then again, it appears that Steven Spielberg is interested in helming the new project, despite the fact that we have no idea if it exists yet.

This is all extremely early, but Spielberg himself says he hopes to direct the film, though that could just as easily turn into an executive producer credit as often happens.

His interest does show that he may be happy with Disney’s (potential) choice to cast Chris Pratt as the next Indy, though he may (read: likely does) know more than we do at this point about how the actual cast will shake out. Harrison Ford may show up in a cameo of some kind, though that would be more difficult to pull off than reprising his role as Han Solo, given that Star Wars is set in the same timeline.

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