Mario Kart getting 200cc mode, tons of new DLC

Wrapping up its presentation today, Nintendo had one last surprise in store for players: a brand-new, series-first 200cc mode for Mario Kart 8.

Even faster than the previous highest class 150cc mode, the 200cc speed will be rolled out as a free update to players on April 23rd. Because that won’t make Rainbow Road any harder.

More amiibo costumes (nine of them!) will also roll out in the free update as unlockable content, while the Animal Crossing DLC that was announced back in August launches at the same time. The Animal Crossing set will be paid content including eight new tracks, two vehicles (one bike, one kart), as well as Dry Bowser, Isabelle, and both the male and female Villagers in the largest batch of DLC released for the game since its original launch in 2014.

The content was moved up from its original release in a surprise from a company that just recently delayed The Legend of Zelda for Wii U into 2016.

We’ll have a review of the downloadable content for Mario Kart when it launches later this month.