Gotham to gender-swap Batman baddie, Firefly in Season Two

Another Batman villain has just been confirmed to appear in the upcoming second season of Gotham, though not the way you remember him! On top of the Batman villains that have already been confirmed for Season Two, including Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange and Clayface, FOX has confirmed that we will be seeing Firefly during the next season, and that she will be portrayed by Michelle Ventimilla.

Yes, this early, all-new version of Firefly will be re-imagined as a female character, now named Bridgit Pike.

Michelle Ventimilla - HeadshotIn the character’s original DC Comics incarnation, Firefly was a second-rate criminal named Garfield Lynns, a visual effects artist that employed lighting tricks to confuse his pursuers in Gotham City, including Batman and Robin. Lynns has actually had one appearance in live-action television, where he appeared in one episode during the first season of The CW’s Green Arrow-starring drama, Arrow, re-imagined as a scarred firefighter that begins killing off his former squadmates after he was abandoned in a burning building. A second incarnation of Firefly also came about in newer DC lore, also a man, named Ted Carson, re-imagined as an expert in explosives and pyrotechnics who gambled away his family fortune, and stoops to any means to try and rebuild it, with a particular tendency of pyromania involved. Following the New 52 reboot of DC Comics, Carson has now been established as the only Firefly in the DC Universe at this point.Firefly - Comics 2

FOX describes the new female version of Firefly as being the unwitting accessory to a gang of arsonists that comprises her older brothers. A meek, put upon soul, Bridgit catches the eye of young Catwoman, Selina Kyle, and the two put her firestarting skills to use, before a horrible encounter with her brothers’ gang turns Bridgit into a dangerous villain in her own right. It’s currently unknown which episode the new female Firefly will debut in.

Gotham returns to FOX for the U.S., and CTV for Canada, on Monday, September 21st, at 8:00-9:00 PM EST.

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