Daniel Craig may return to James Bond after all

Speaking with The Hollywood ReporterJames Bond Producer Michael G. Wilson has said that he expects Daniel Craig to reprise his role as James Bond in the series’ 25th outing.

Craig has said that he is likely done with the character as he has played the secret agent in four films over the past eight years.

However, Wilson compared the move to Sam Mendes who didn’t plan to return after Skyfall but ended up directing the latest film, Spectre.

Wilson admits that no contract is currently in place with Craig and that he is still a free agent, but believes strongly that the blond Bond will return to the role one last time before holstering his PPK handgun for good.

Craig has been unsurprisingly quiet about the situation, though he did say that he had “massive amounts of fun” filming Spectre so, “maybe I’ll make another one. I don’t know.”

We reviewed Spectre and liked it, though it didn’t quite live up to recent Bond outings. With that said, we wouldn’t mind seeing Craig return as the MI6 agent again, though we’d be just as pleased to see someone new step into the role as well. Idris Elba, are you ready to step into the world of espionage?