The Best Games Featuring Your Favourite Characters

You have probably heard the expression “everything old is new again.” Well, when it comes to games nowadays, there has never been a truer sentiment. Many of the most popular games feature characters we are all very familiar with and have been a part of our lives for quite some time.

When it comes to games, it is of course impossible not to talk about superheroes. These folks are everywhere these days, and it is no surprise that games have taken on a more “super” quality lately. Just as you can watch good guys battling bad guys on big and small screens alike, you also have the opportunity to get a little more interactive. No matter how you like to play — online, on a console, or with a mobile device — there are plenty of games available. MoviePilot has five games definitely worth checking out, including those starring Batman, Superman, and even Harley Quinn.

If you have a special affinity for Marvel characters, then you are in luck. The sequel to the insanely popular Avengers: Infinity War will be released in early 2016. So, what is Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 going to be about? In the trailer you can watch here, cities all over the world are disappearing and some of the real baddies are trying to take advantage.

A plethora of comic-book heroes can also be found on Betfair. If you like slots games, you can (figuratively) pull the lever with the likes of Iron Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men. Plus, if you don’t think Hollywood gives enough love to characters like Ghost Rider or the Fantastic Four, you can do your best to make up for it.

In case you’ve just gotten back from a long trip on Mars, perhaps, you know about the Star Wars phenomenon going on. Right now,¬†Star Wars may be the only thing more omnipresent than superheroes. If you’re a gamer, you surely also know about all the Star Wars games, and maybe you have played one or two. In fact, quite a few games came out in 2015 containing droids, Sith lords, and even Ewoks. VentureBeat has a few that may have slipped under your radar.

What will future Star Wars games look like? There could be one starring Boba Fett. Maybe a new Battlefront game with a variety of new weapons and vehicles. Find more potential things to watch for in this Metro article.

If you are feeling a little nostalgic, Stuff has a list of the best Star Wars video games ever. While you will find the aforementioned Battlefront and some newer fare, you can also learn about games that are over 20 years old, such as Super Star Wars and Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

No matter if you’re a fan of Star Wars or superheroes or both, nowadays the choice of games you have is nearly endless. Plus, with new stuff coming out all the time, it is pretty much impossible to be bored.

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