DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One, planning new features for 2016

Free-to-play MMORPG, DC Universe Online is celebrating its five-year anniversary in 2016, and with this, is coming some big additions to the game!

DCUO - Gameplay 1The biggest of these additions is, at long last, DC Universe Online will be releasing for Xbox One this Spring, finally allowing Xbox gamers with a love of the DC Universe to join in on the fun, particularly since the game can be downloaded and played without spending a dime. Formerly, the game’s developer, Daybreak Studios, was owned by Sony, and dubbed, “Sony Online Entertainment”, which is why DC Universe Online was previously unable to release on an Xbox platform. After splitting from Sony, Daybreak was acquired by Columbia Nova, who presumably began the push for an Xbox One version of the MMORPG.

DC Universe Online originally launched for PC and PlayStation 3 back in 2011, and received a PlayStation 4 port in 2013, which served as a downloadable launch title for Sony’s current-gen console. Fortunately, these versions of the game will also be receiving some goodies to observe the five-year anniversary, particularly the PC and PlayStation 4 versions, which are said to be gaining cross-play capability later in the month, supplied via an update scheduled for January 25th. This will allow PC players to team up and fight together with PlayStation 4 players, and vice-versa. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox One versions however don’t seem to have cross-play planned for them, and will be limited to playing with people on the same platform.DCUO - Game Art

Every version of the game however can look forward to a major new storyline launching for the MMORPG soon, which will be inspired by the imminent launch of The CW’s DC Television Universe series, Legends of Tomorrow on January 21st. The storyline will naturally incorporate a handful of DC personalities that are scheduled to headline Legends of Tomorrow, namely Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Atom, and Captain Cold. This is merely the latest television show tie-in for DC Universe Online, which also remodeled the character of Supergirl last year, to heavily resemble Melissa Benoist’s version of the Girl of Steel, in celebration of the launch of CBS’ Supergirl last October.

Alongside the Legends of Tomorrow storyline, a new Superman-themed storyline is also in the works for DC Universe Online, which will span the Phantom Zone to the city of Kandor, and will feature Superman, Lois Lane, Ursa, Non, Supergirl, Superboy, and General Zod, potentially suggesting some loose inspiration from 1980 movie, Superman II. The previous “Halls of Power” and “Amazon Fury” arcs are also set to conclude later this year, with a Harley Quinn-centric storyline also planned to be introduced.

Finally, a water-based set of abilities like waterbending and hard water constructs is due later this year for character customization, inspired by the Aquaman family of DC heroes. A fourth custom colour is also being added to the character suite, and the oft-requested Style Unlocking feature, which will allow players to unlock styles and gear for characters who haven’t found those specific styles, is also being provided for the game later this year as well.

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