Marvel sitcom, Damage Control is targeting this season, second sitcom planned

Despite ABC president, Paul Lee appearing to confirm a fast-tracking of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off, Most Wanted over Marvel’s in-development sitcom project, Damage Control yesterday, it appears that he’s revised his stance. Speaking to IGN today about ABC’s Marvel Cinematic Universe plans in greater detail, Lee confirmed that, despite his former non-committal remarks on the show, Damage Control is actually targeting a premiere in the new ABC sitcom lineup next season after all.

“That’s the one that’s going to be coming out this season.” Lee confirmed, in reference to Damage Control. “I haven’t read it yet. I can’t wait to see it. We hope it’s going to be great!”

Damage Control - ComicsLee’s former comments about Damage Control, where he was coy about the development status of the show and its premiere prospects, could suggest that the half-hour Marvel Cinematic Universe-set sitcom could be planned for a midseason bow at the start of 2017, something that’s become increasingly popular with large-scale comedy shows in recent years. This would also line up with Lee appearing to indicate that Most Wanted is a big priority for ABC’s 2016/2017 season lineup of new shows, as Lee and the network have already seen the pilot script for that spin-off series, and are already very enthusiastic about it, making it likely for a Fall 2016 debut amongst ABC’s new shows for next season.

Damage Control is adapted from the beloved Marvel Comics series of the same name, and stars the titular team of blue-collar workers, who clean up the damage left by destructive incidents related to powered people. Normally associated with S.H.I.E.L.D., and originally founded by Iron Man and arch-villain, The Kingpin, Damage Control has also occasionally gotten direct assistance from Marvel superheroes as well, including Spider-Man and the X-Men, across various Marvel media. The show’s leads are currently unknown, let alone who will portray them, though rumours indicate that Clark Gregg will appear in the pilot as Director Coulson, presumably to give the show a loose tie-in to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and possibly position the sitcom as a means to capitalize on the introduction of the Inhumans to the MCU from the second and third seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Iron Man - Footage

Interestingly, Damage Control was mentioned during the earliest days of the MCU as well, back during 2008 movie, Iron Man. The Damage Control crew was brought up very quickly right at the end of the movie, where they were confirmed to be cleaning up the destruction left by the final battle between Iron Man and Iron Monger. They also appear to be a direct branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the MCU, with no working affiliation to Tony Stark, or Wilson Fisk in this case. This would seem to confirm that Damage Control has been operating in the background of the MCU for many years, rather than being established at the start of this proposed sitcom.

If the idea of a Marvel sitcom sounds great to you, then ABC apparently won’t be stopping at Damage Control either. A second Marvel Cinematic Universe sitcom is in the works at ABC, though it isn’t planned for this season, and Lee declined to speak about it. Presumably, this comedy series has nothing to do with the separate Marvel Cinematic Universe show in development from American Crime’s John Ridley, which Ridley confirmed yesterday is still, “Very much alive.”

Damage Control - CartoonNonetheless, Lee affirmed ABC’s equal interest in both Marvel comedies and dramas on television, and also re-affirmed ABC’s passion for bringing certain shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones to Netflix. Lee also dodged speculation that the increased commitment to Damage Control has something to do with NBC fast-tracking a sitcom inspired by the competing DC Universe, Powerless for next season, saying that he’s merely focused on delivering the best shows possible for ABC’s lineup.

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