Heroes won’t return after Heroes Reborn concludes

It looks like the battle against Renautas is truly going to be the last hurrah for the Heroes universe. Speaking about the imminent conclusion of miniseries, Heroes Reborn, which will air its final episode on January 21st, NBC chairman, Bob Greenblatt claimed that it was always the plan to return Heroes to the grave after Heroes Reborn finishes its thirteen-episode run. After the miniseries wraps, there are no more plans to continue Heroes.

HR - ArtOf course, given that Heroes Reborn has received mostly average-to-negative reviews, and has struggled in the ratings, that probably also played a part in the miniseries not coming back for a subsequent season, proving that demand for Heroes has largely dried up since the series’ initial cancellation in 2010, after four seasons. It’s not impossible for a miniseries to return for subsequent offerings however, as Marvel’s Agent Carter is set to return for a second season in a few short days, after overwhelming fan demand, despite a dwindling ratings count for ABC in its first season.

Greenblatt left a bit of wiggle room in case, by some miracle, Heroes does return to the network in some form yet again someday, but he also denied the claims of Heroes creator, Tim Kring, who previously claimed that the series can always be rebooted into different forms. Greenblatt was never told about that plan, and NBC hasn’t greenlit any subsequent iterations of the series, nor do they plan to at this point.

Heroes Reborn was meant to re-launch Heroes in a shortened thirteen-episode story, with a largely new cast, and only a handful of actors returning from the core Heroes series. In the wake of a devastating terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, people across the world begin to hate and fear powered humans, or, “Evos”, with the miniseries detailing the fallout of the attack, and leading into a disaster that must see Evos and humans come together to save the planet.

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