Fish Mooney will return to Gotham later this season

NOTE: Some spoilers for the Season One finale, and Season Two midseason finale of “Gotham” are present in this article



A major Gotham personality that was believed to have met her end is returning to the show later this year. Jada Pinkett-Smith will reprise her role as former series lead, Fish Mooney for a few episodes later this season, though the capacity of her role is currently unknown.

Gotham - Fish FootageAt the conclusion of the first season of Gotham, Fish got into a brief rooftop struggle with Penguin that led to her falling from quite a height into what seemed like a watery grave at the time. Pinkett-Smith had announced, alongside FOX, that she would be leaving the series after Season One, so this appeared to be the character’s demise, with the final obstacle in front of Penguin’s rise to power in the Gotham City underworld now seemingly out of the way. At the conclusion of the show’s second midseason finale however, Fish could be briefly glimpsed in suspended animation within the hidden laboratory of upcoming Batman antagonist, Hugo Strange, suggesting that she wasn’t as dead as previously thought. Now, it appears to be certain that Fish will no doubt play a big part in Strange’s villainous plans for the back half of Gotham episodes this season.

During Season One, Fish Mooney was a powerful crime boss, and lieutenant to former crime kingpin, Don Carmine Falcone. She originally employed Oswald Cobblepot, future Batman foe, The Penguin, as her umbrella boy, though after double-crossing him and leaving him for dead, Fish inadvertently turned Oswald into her deadliest foe, ultimately losing the city’s mob to Penguin, when Penguin appeared to drop her to her supposed death in the first season’s finale. This action also led to Don Carmine Falcone retiring and going into hiding, with his only competition, Don Sal Maroni, being murdered by Fish moments beforehand, leaving the entirety of Gotham City’s crime rings in Penguin’s control.

Gotham is currently on a lengthy midseason hiatus, and will return to the airwaves on Monday, February 29th, in the 8:00-9:00 P.M. timeslot on CTV for us Canadians, and FOX for our American neighbours.

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