Netflix renews Orange is the New Black for three more seasons

Netflix has announced today that their hit female prison dramedy series, Orange is the New Black, has been given a landmark three-season renewal! This secures the show’s spot on the Netflix lineup through to its seventh season.

Crazy Eyes loses it on AlexThis is the first time that Netflix has commissioned three seasons of a series, though it has commissioned two-season orders for shows before now. Given the enormous success of Orange is the New Black however, the multi-season renewal commitment should come as no surprise, even with this year’s fourth season having yet to debut on the streaming service. Netflix even claims that, depending on how you assess the data, Orange is the New Black is likely the service’s biggest and most popular original show, namely in terms of how often it’s watched and re-watched, though other accounts have claimed Netflix’s biggest show is House of Cards (for having the most legacy viewers to date), while yet more additional accounts claim it’s Daredevil (for having the fastest-growing audience of viewers), so it really does depend on which angle you’re viewing the stats from.

Orange is the New Black stars an ensemble of actresses, portraying inmates living their lives, and re-examining their backstories of how they went wrong, within the confines of fictional womens’ prison, Litchfield Penitentiary. The series primarily unfolds from the perspective of Piper Chapman, a thirtysomething woman who ended up in the slammer, after being convicted of a crime she committed in her twenties, at the behest of an ex-girlfriend. The series is loosely inspired by true events, being based off of memoir, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Womens’ Prison, written by Piper Kerman. Obviously, the main difference at this point is that Piper Chapman is in prison for more than a single year.

Orange is the New Black has three seasons available to stream on Netflix at present, and will debut its fourth season on June 17th. It’s presumed that Seasons Five, Six and Seven will then debut over the June months of the next three years, which will have the series going until at least 2019. Creator and executive producer, Jenji Kohan will remain involved with the show for each of the ordered seasons as well.

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