Superman is properly coming to Supergirl in Season Two

If you’re annoyed at the limitations that CBS was given in depicting the Man of Steel during the first season of Supergirl, which couldn’t show his face or have him speak, then it appears that you can rest easy! Turns out that Superman is set to be revealed in all his glory during the first two episodes of Supergirl’s second season, which will begin airing on The CW this Fall. Superman has yet to be cast for Supergirl, though the network has expressed enthusiasm at finally being able to properly portray Superman in the DC Television Universe.

Supergirl - Melissa BenoistThis is a bit curious, as Warner Bros. is normally very stringent with not sharing characters between their separated television and movie universes, even going as far as to destroy all Suicide Squad-related plots and characters on Arrow because of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie this past season. The only exceptions seem to be The Flash, who will have separate incarnations in DC’s movie and CW television universe, as well as Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, who have incarnations in both the big screen DC Extended Universe and FOX’s Gotham universe, despite Batman being barred from any appearance or mention on Gotham. Hopefully, agreeing to have a separate incarnation of Superman on Supergirl, as well as Henry Cavill’s big screen incarnation of Supes for the DC Extended Universe, will represent a bit of relaxing to this effect on Warner Bros.’ part.

While we don’t yet know who will be playing Superman on Supergirl, former Smallville lead, Tom Welling has expressed interest in reprising the part of Clark Kent, so that he can finally don the iconic blue and red garb, after his fellow Smallville alum, Laura Vandervoort, Smallville’s Supergirl, ended up portraying villain, Indigo during Supergirl’s first season on CBS. Obviously, it won’t be Henry Cavill, as exciting as that would be, since Warner Bros. doesn’t allow any movie or television actors from their separate DC canons to cross over with one another, despite billing their various DC media properties as occupying a widespread ‘DC Multiverse’ of parallel universes. On the bright side however, now that Superman isn’t being blurred, shadowed or hidden behind instant messaging windows, the character could also potentially take part in the teased four-show crossover between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, which The CW will air this December.

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